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What is Acid Etched Glass?
bar backsplash in acid etch

DecorFlou® acid-etched glass is not a frosted additive to the glass, nor is it a sandblasted pattern blown into the glass. It is manufactured using powerful hydrofluoric acid to etch the design into the glass. All traces of acid are removed completely after manufacturing before the process is complete. It is a fully safe product for all interior surface applications.

The end result is a permanent and consistently uniform frosted look that can’t be marred by water or oils like the traditional methods of the past. The velvety, matte finish is perfect for creating a calm interior effect, with all of the practicality of glass. It is still a translucent product, so consider that quality when choosing the mechanical method of installation.

The acid-etched mirror is created using only low-iron acid-etched glass for the best color clarity. The silvering process takes place on the non-etched, or smooth side of the glass, so the exposed side still offers all of the non-marring advantages of acid-etched glass.

How durable is Acid Etched Glass?

Extensive testing has been done to DecorFlou® acid-etched glass distributed by Gardner Glass Products to ensure its durability. With decades of experience in making acid-etched glass in Europe, OmniDecor is the ideal manufacturer for this product and is 14001 environmental certified. Because of the manufacturing method, the surface effect will not degrade or change over time. Most chemicals, cleaners, moisture, and humidity cannot damage it.

restaurant table top in acid etch




Ideal for commercial or residential spaces as:

• Shower enclosures
• Wall installations
• Cabinet doors & furniture
• Stair handrails & balusters
• Counter tops
• Bathroom stalls
• Cubicles & room dividers
• Closet doors
• Tables & counters
• Signs & information graphics


• Privacy creation
• Light transmission
• Translucent properties
• Back-lighting effects
• Ease of installation
• Moisture/fingerprint resistance
• Limitless fabrication options
• Long-lasting durability

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