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What options are available?

DecorFlou® acid-etched glass is available in regular tint, a low-iron glass version, and a wide variety of other tints such as gray, bronze, and more. If dual-sided etching is required for a project, 2-sided etching can be created. The addition of a dual-coat back-painted process creates a matte version of Dreamwalls Color Glass®, an amazing product with opacity for a myriad of uses in residential and commercial interiors.

What sizes are available?

DecorFlou® acid-etched glass has a largest size capability of 881/2” x 126”. Splits and cut sizes are available. Alternative sizes, glass thicknesses (ranging from 1/8” up to 3/4'”), custom shapes, drilled holes and cut outs, tempering, and laminating are possible.

Ideal for commercial or residential spaces as:

• Shower enclosures
• Wall installations
• Cabinet doors & furniture
• Stair handrails & balusters
• Counter tops
• Bathroom stalls
• Cubicles & room dividers
• Closet doors
• Tables & counters
• Signs & information graphics


• Privacy creation
• Light transmission
• Translucent properties
• Back-lighting effects
• Ease of installation
• Moisture/fingerprint resistance
• Limitless fabrication options
• Long-lasting durability

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