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nav bar


acid etched wall
acid etched kitchen
acid etched stair rail
acid etch
shower partition
acid etch
frosted partition
office wall
acid etched wall closeup
acid etch pink
behind the bar acid etch
white kitchen
bar top  
table top
bark tan blue
matte black
matte linen
matte white
pattern acid etch
pisis acid etch
acid etch with text


Ideal for commercial or residential spaces as:

• Shower enclosures
• Wall installations
• Cabinet doors & furniture
• Stair handrails & balusters
• Counter tops
• Bathroom stalls
• Cubicles & room dividers
• Closet doors
• Tables & counters
• Signs & information graphics


• Privacy creation
• Light transmission
• Translucent properties
• Back-lighting effects
• Ease of installation
• Moisture/fingerprint resistance
• Limitless fabrication options
• Long-lasting durability

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